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Technology is supposed to reduce the cost of filing taxes.  With KbalaTax most individuals and married couples will pay $89 to file taxes with us.  We do not charge fees based on how big your refund is or how many pages are in your return.  We offer a fixed price structure that delivers the best service possible.  State filings are always included along with a physical & digital copy of your return.   Ask questions, Get answers!

2020 Tax Prices

  • Sales tax filing – $25 monthly $50 quarterly $120 annually
  • Email, fax, text or upload scanned documents
  • ayalaSafe


Choose any pay frequency with a payroll process that works for you.  $34 a month includes processing for 1 employee and includes all IRS requirements for payroll.  Additional employees are $4 per employee per month.

Bundling insurance with payroll services tends to increase costs with added management fees.  Check your invoice and compare today!

  • W2’s included
  • Check signing included
  • 401(k) reporting included
  • Benefit calculations included
  • Tax payments included
  • $10 per form 1099
  • Additional fee direct deposit
  • Additional fee employee mail services
  • Service area: CA | NY | MA | PA | VA
  • ayalaSafe


Insurance is complex, we work to make sure options presented meet the needs of the policy holder. A singular cost based approach may end up costing you more. You & us

  • Do you need individual health insurance?
  • Do you have Medicaid and Medicare?
  • Should you save or invest?
  • Annuities, life and long term care insurance options
  • Do you need workers comp or state disability?
  • Having problems with the exchange? We can help
  • NY state of health broker